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RoboCup Junior New Zealand is a robotics competition for school children. It empowers young minds to innovate, collaborate, and engineer the future, as they code, design, and compete with robots. Its point of difference from many other competitions is that the robotic platform is not specified. A team may use LEGO, Vex, MBot, Mindkits, Arduino, Picaxe, Fischer Technic, TBot, basic stamp, Edison etc. The only specification is that each robot used is programmed, not remote controlled.

Robocup Junior New Zealand aims to encourage school students to take an active interest in science, technology and the performing arts. It aims to develop practical and intellectual problem-solving skills and teamwork in the context of a competition where fair play and participation are more important than winning. It also aims to make students aware of potential employment opportunities in high tech industries which are crucial to the ongoing development of the New Zealand economy.

From 2024 RoboCup Junior NZ will be aligning itself much more closely with RoboCup Junior Australia rules. This makes it easier for NZ to source and use the current range of equipment that is on sale, and for NZ teams to later progress to international competitions.  Read more here.

2024 Competitions:

Regional Competitions

We have regional competitions running across Aotearoa in 2024. Each competition includes On Stage, Rescue and Soccer challenges. Check out this map to find your closest competition.

National Competition

Every year young people from across the nation showcase their robotic skills and creativity. This year's competition will be held in Auckland on August 31st, 2024.

Online Competition

As an alternative to our in-person competitions, we also run an online competition. This has a different range of categories and submissions are by video. You can check out previous winners here.

RoboCup as a career pathway:

Ryely Burtenshaw-Day explains how Robocup led her to her role as a Control Systems Engineer for Scott Technology. She is currently working as an Automation Engineer for Bremca.

Heather Robertson explains how Robocup led her to her role as a Service Engineer for Scott Technology.

Support for Schools:

We are keen to support schools to take part in RoboCup. We know that some schools lack expertise and some schools lack equipment.  We can help with both. Join us in any of the following ways to grow your skills in robotics:

Zoom Meetings:

Tuesday, March 12th 7.00-8.00pm - Getting started with RoboCup. This is for schools and teachers who are new to Robocup and with little experience in robotics.  We will outline the competition structure and answer your questions. 

Tuesday, March 19th 7.00-8.00pm - On Stage - a  more in-depth discussion of this section of the competition. Register here.

Tuesday, March 26th 7.00-8.00pm - Rescue - a  more in-depth discussion of this section of the competition with the opportunity to ask questions.

Tuesday, April 9th 7.00-8.00pm - Soccer - a  more in-depth discussion of this section of the competition with the opportunity to ask questions.

Competition Support:

Register here if you would like to be part of regular online support sessions  in the lead-up to your regional competition. We will get in touch with you once we have enough registrations of interest.

Facebook Group

We have a Facebook group which is designed as a forum to ask questions and share ideas. Join us for inspiration and support.


Robots in Schools Online Conference:

Connect with teachers who are already doing great things with robotics in their classrooms. Choose sessions to meet your current needs. Be inspired!

Monday, July 8th and Tuesday, July 9th 9am - 1.00pm each day.

Register on the link below if you would like to be a participant or if you would like to run a workshop.