Rescue Competition

Riley Rover

The Riley Rover division is the entry-level division for RoboCup Rescue Line. This is open to both Primary and Secondary school aged students. 

Junior Rescue Primary

The Primary Division is the intermediate division for RoboCup Rescue Line for Primary School aged students. All members of the team must be in primary school.

Senior Rescue Primary

The Secondary division is the next level up division for RoboCup Rescue Line. Robots compete on the same field as the Primary Rescue Line and play under the same rules, however, when Secondary Rescue teams reach the chemical spill they need to find 'the victim' and control it (contain or grab) and then manoeuver it out of the chemical spill, rather than simply push out of the spill area.

*Please note that we won't be using a Challenge Track in this year's competition (Rules - Section 7).