On Stage Competition

The RoboCupJunior On Stage Competition (previously known as theatre) is a stunning integration of Science, Technology and the Arts. Participants program their robots to move with a soundtrack. It can be approached in a number of ways with creative new ideas appearing every year. Some previous ideas have been robots and students dancing together in a tightly choreographed display, students creating their own music to dance to and students telling a story while the robots act it out to the soundtrack.

The On Stage Challenge is a real team effort where students are can design and create their costumes and props, on top of building and programming the robot.

The 10 minute team interview is an important part of the judging process. The team should keep a diary or log book right from the design stage of their entry.

Novice Division

The novice division is the entry-level division for RoboCup OnStage. All members of the team must have 2 years or less experience in OnStage competitions. Robots must perform autonomously on a 2 x 2 metre stage.

Open Division

The open division is the highest-level division for RoboCup OnStage. Any team may enter the open division. Any team that is not eligible for the Novice division must enter the Open division.

The Open Division is recommended to teams who are developing advanced robotic solutions and teams with less than two years’ experience may wish to join to have the opportunity to explain their technical solutions.


MTA supports Robocup by providing the following prizes for category winners:

2 x Lego Learning System Essential Starter Kits (including Lego Spike Essential Kit & Lego BricQ Motion Essential Set).