Canterbury 2016 Results

Junior Theatre:

First Place:
Lifesavers and Monellamas, Sumner School
Tamsin Mills, Ella Ballantyne, Emma McClure, Monica Fahey, Kyra Lucas, William Jamieson, Tara Docking
Second Place:
Selwyn Mad Hatters, Selwyn School
Abi Worthington, Julia Wakeman, Alice Symons-Edwards

Senior Theatre:

Snowgies, St Margarets
Hattie Compton-Moen, Holly Macdonald, Mia Wright

Junior Rescue:

1st place:
Merrin Roborunners, Merrin School
Ethan Nb, Benjamin Yang, Nazuna Harada, Nicholas Carter-Hodder.

2nd place (3 teams):
Team Robot Rescue,St Margarets
Caitlyn Wickham
Chunson, Ashburton Christian School
Jayden Butler
St Martins 3.14 , St Martins School
Findlay Royds, Evie Boyd, Jake van Keulen

Premier Rescue:

George Mortlock - Burnside High

Junior Soccer:

First equal
Prebbleton Strikers, Prebbleton School
Callum Lockhart, Tim van Herpt, Daniel O'Hagan

EJEV3 Robotics, Cobham Intermediate
Jack Prebble, Edison Chow, Eric Huang

Canterbury 2016

The 2016 competition will be held at Burnside High School Auroa Centre on Saturday August 20th.

The timetable is available as a google doc and may be subject to change:

The Aurora centre will be open for entries from 8:00am. Please do not arrive any earlier than this. On arrival, sign in at the front desk and collect participation certificates and laynards. Teams also need to hand in media forms. There will be a couple of students who will be doing some filming for Kids' Cam on 'What Now' so make sure Jill Pears is aware of any children who should not be filmed or have their photo taken.

Remember to bring all equipment, including safety checked and tagged (where possible) electrical cords, computers and spare parts for your robots. Please ensure parents are aware they are not allowed in 'pit areas' as the students need to be independent. Also, please remind parents, if necessary, to not use flash on cameras when taking photos. During the day there is a sausage sizzle on the day as well as a cafe selling food and drinks. Please support these fundraising events.

Interviews are scheduled for the morning. These need to run on time as it is a very busy day. Make sure teams are waiting outside the interview rooms (these are behind the stage and may be accessed through the green room) 10 minutes before their interview. It is recommended teams do not take all their props into the interview but they have photos of, and talk about, any props they would like the judges to take particular note of during their performance. Please ensure that teams have a copy of their program (preferably on a computer) ready to discuss with the judges.

Performance times are very tightly scheduled. Please make sure your teams are waiting ready to perform at the beginning of the performance before them. This helps to make the change over between teams smooth. Teams will enter the stage area from one side and exit from another. This will be clear on the day. Make sure students are clear as to whether or not they may want to restart a performance and they need to communicate this clearly to the judges. Music must be emailed to Jill Pears before the competition. This will all be on one computer and the teams will need to have a clear signal to give to the person who is running the music.

With Rescue there are four rounds. The three best marks will be combined to form the final score. During the rounds teams should be nearby the mats until they have had their run during each round. Judges are not able to hunt down teams and if they are unable to find a team during a round, there is a possibility that team will miss out during that round. If there is a tie for the final score, then the time taken is considered.
Even though there are not formal rescue interviews students should be prepared during the day to answer questions about their robot build and program. Robots will also be checked for size constraints.

Junior Soccer will run in the first session and in the second session the Junior teams will have an opportunity to play against the Senior teams. It is not compulsory for the Junior teams to be present in the afternoon.

Please ensure parents are aware they are not allowed in 'pit areas' as the students need to be independent.

I would like to recognise our judges who freely give up their time to support Robocup Junior. This is a very long day for the judges and their ongoing support is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please contact me and I will endeavour to help.

Contact Jill Pears 0210407206

2015 Canterbury Results

Junior Rescue
1st: Shark Marshmallows, Ashburton Intermediate
RJ Pasion, Brontson Cudmore, Harry Trumper
2nd: Robo Russley, Russley School
Izak Koster, Alex Connor
3rd: Robo skill, Technotutorz
Luke Chapman, Nico Mennie
Junior Soccer
1st: FOSV3, Football Fendalton Open Air School
Eric Huang, Jack Prebble, Hugh Nixon, Finn Rimmer
Junior Theatre
1st: The rainbow llama-corns, Selwyn House School
Hattie Compton-Moen, Harriet Body, Ella Hodgson
2nd: Cyborg Zoo, Selwyn House School
Zelle Logan, Emma Cawood, Annabelle Reilly
3rd: Jack and the Beanstalk, Sumner School
Tamsin Mills, Mia Wright, Per Tonascia
Premier Rescue
1st: The Untouchables, Burnside High School
George Mortlock, Liam Rondel
Senior Rescue
1st: Joel & the lads, Buller High School
Joel Bishop, Caleb Hogan, Josh Nicholls
Senior Soccer
1st: Insert Witty Pun Here, Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Yang Kun Xiang, Abby Croot
Senior Theatre
1st: 104 Days, Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Suzanna Davis, Charlotte Smillie, Alisha Bedggood

Jill Pears

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