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2016 competitions

The Otago competition will be held this Saturday at the Elim Church on Harrow St (near the Hanover St/World Fitness Centre intersection). Spectators are welcome and there is no entry fee. There will be displays to keep people amused between events including demonstration of an Internet of Things device to show how you can easily take computing off the screen and into the real world, a PCDuino with touch screen for people to explore, and a new Raspberry Pi based robot. Make virtual rain with the Augmented Reality Sandbox from the University of Otago. Some 3D Printers will be operating.
The competition will begin at 8:30am for some, and prize giving is scheduled for 2:15pm. More information for competitors can be found on the Otago page.

The Waikato competition will be held on Friday July 1st.

If any school would like to purchase or borrow a set of soccer goals, surrounds and inclines, please get in touch with Sandy Garner.

If you are using LEGO kits, the Education software is now a free download:

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RoboCup Junior New Zealand is a robotics competition for children.

RCJNZ is a unique event that excites and motivates students. Students participating in RoboCup Junior New Zealand events may choose Robot Theatre, Rescue or Soccer. Students may use any brand of robot, provided they can be programmed and are not remote controlled. Students are also encouraged to build their own robots.

RobocupJunior Theatre

Participants program their robots to move to music or a soundtrack. Competitors are encouraged to give their robots real personality. Theatre entries range from the simple to the sophisticated. This is a good entry level competition but also offers unlimited opportunities for advanced students to challenge themselves. Each team has one, two or three robots, a dance floor, music and 1 to 2 minutes to choreograph a dance, tell a story or offer a themed presentation. Robots can be any size or shape. The use of decorations, props and costume is encouraged. read more

RobocupJunior Rescue

The Rescue competition mirrors the real life use of robots that rescue people from life-threatening situations. Robots use light or colour sensors to follow a line to a designated rescue area, then "rescue" a victim. The build of the robot is an important part of this challenge. read more

RobocupJunior Soccer

Students are required to design and program two robots to compete against an opposing pair of robots by kicking an infra-red transmitting ball into their designated goal. This is a rewarding challenge for students with some programming experience. read more

Why compete?

"Educational robotics is proven to promote STEM interests among students. The hands-on, project-based and goal-oriented learning experience that an educational robotics competition provides has long-lasting impacts on students' learning and motivation for further exploring in STEM or STEM related fields."
Amy Eguchi,

If you want to be involved in the 2016 competitions, please get in touch with your regional organiser. Link to dates for the 2016 competitions.

Check out the Contact page to get more information about your area.